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Why use an Engineering Consultant ?

Projects today are much more complex and varied as they reflect rapid technological advances. Those who commision them whether for industry, commerce or leisure, need sound advice not only in matters of design, but also in planning, construction law, engineering techniques, environmental services, cost control and project management.

The partners of the practice have over 25 years of experiance and have worked on literally hundreds of projects, making us experienced enough to take the strain off you and your project, no matter how big or small.

When commissioned to work within the framework of a multi-disciplinary design team, we aim to intergrate the structural and civil elements into the overall project philosophy, with considered attention down to the final detail. We have a good reputation for creative team working, both within the Practice and with  other memnbers of the design team. Our proactive approach to creating successful working relationships is highly valued by our clients, particularly on fast-track projects where speed and co-ordination are key.

We are fortunate to have engineering staff with backgrounds from consultancy and contracting. Our experience enables us to provide designs that are both practical and cost effective. Throughout the staged process of our QA system, solutions are challenged using value-engineering techniques. This ensures designs meet our Clients needs in a cost effective manner.

M T Associates has gained an enviable reputation for quality of service and value whilst providing efficent design solutions, on program, to budget.
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